I want to tell you the story about two brothers – one of them was tall, and the other was handsome. They loved each other and betrayed each other, but the story is not about the war. It’s about love so powerful and strong that was enough to beat pestilence, and Death, and the devil itself. About two people who shared life not only on earth, but on heaven and hell, who were always with each other during the long never-ending road. What about the end you will ask? They lived happily ever after and didn’t die at any of the days 


brighter than sunflowers [x]


Countdown to my bestfriend's birthday 

 ↳ 2 days till 8th April (x)

[I’m doing this purely because I suck and the card is going to arrive late and you deserve more.]

[3/5] favorite video games » the elder scrolls v: skyrim

'what is better? to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature with great effort?'


bbcgraphicschallenge - prompt : together

funeralofmymotivation vs. frenchlocked


Castiel Graphics Challenge
thesamuletandthesunbeam vs. endchesters
Prompt - Ancient Rage by Galneryus